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Flawless Primer Set
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The Flawless Primer Set includes three priming products designed to keep your makeup on through sweat, oil and the daily hustle. The Flawless Finish Primer is our best-selling face primer that nourishes your skin while smoothing it for better foundation application. The Eye Shadow Base in Original is essential to making your eye shadows apply smoothly, prevent creasing and last all day even on oily lids. Finally, the Lip Base prepares the lips for color by smoothing creases and fine lines.

The Flawless Primer Set is an absolute must-have for anyone who struggles to keep their makeup looking fresh all day.

How it works: The Flawless Finish Primer in the Flawless Primer Set contains vitamin-infused oil that combats free-radicals, bacteria and premature ageing of the skin. It seals in moisture and allows for flawless makeup application with twice as long wear. Eye Shadow Base primer magnetizes color to lids and holds shadow in its place for ultra-long wear. Keeps shadow color true. Lip Base fills in lines and creases in the lips, making them smooth for lipstick application. 

Who is it for: All skin types

Directions for use: Use Flawless Finish Primer under your makeup for smoother blending, softer more nourished skin and makeup that stays on all day long. Use it every day for visibly improved skin texture and protection against environmental aggression.

Apply Eye Shadow Base before applying eyeshadow to the lids. Use your fingers or a concealer brush to evenly apply product and blend well with the skin.

Spread a small amount of Lip Base across lips and follow with any lip color of your choice.



  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Fragrance-free
  • No animal testing
  • Net weight: Flawless Finish .5 oz, Eye Shadow Base .25 oz, Lip Base .25 oz