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Complete Eye Brush Set
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The Eye Brush Set contains six essential brushes to create any look you want all wrapped up in a cute carrying case. This set features brushes of different shapes and textures that allow you to easily apply and blend cream and powder eyeshadows.

The Eye Brush Set contains: 

Contour Brush ($16) – I recommend this contouring brush if a more diffused finish is desired.  Just apply contour color to the flat part of the brush, rotate the brush upside down so the flat edge is facing up and apply color in the crease using a horseshoe shape motion.  This is the best brush for opening up the eye area.

Small Firm Chisel Brush ($8) – The Small Firm Chisel Brush is a great tool for detail work. Use it to smudge out eyeliner, apply shadow to your crease or add highlighter to your inner corners. The round top and firm texture of this brush allows you to place product exactly where you want it on your eyelids or along the lower lash line.

Precision Shadow Brush ($12) – The Precision Shadow Brush is the perfect shadow brush.  Apply eyeshadow evenly to large areas of the eyelid on the flat side, then apply shadow under the eye using the brush on its edge to create a smokey look.  The brush features soft yet firm bristles with an oval shape that's gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Detail Small Oval Brush ($10) – For applying shadow under the eye as liner instead of pencil, or over a pencil to soften and prevent pencil from smearing.  It also works well alone or with shadow for smudging pencil on top of the eye for a smokey look.

Cream Shadow/Concealer Brush ($13.50) – The smooth synthetic fibers of this brush are specifically designed for applying cream shadows, concealer, and shadow base.

Blender Brush ($12) – a must have in every kit! The soft, fluffy bristles allow you to apply shadow over your entire lid and then blend out the excess. This is the perfect brush for creating soft gradients or for blending out a smoky eye.

Carrying case ($15) – perfect for travel or just to keep your brushes safe and dust free. Your brushes will be neatly organized with the sewn-in slots in various sizes that carefully keep each brush in place.

Brush Care: To clean brushes use a mild shampoo and warm or cold water. Allow to air dry.