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Face Guard Anti-Pollution Essence Sample
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Face Guard Anti-Pollution Essence with visible and blue light protection is a unique skin care product formulated to protect your skin from harmful visible HEV light that comes from your computer, tablet and smartphone. Just like UV light HEV light can pre-maturely age and damage your skin. 

High energy visible light (HEV) or blue light causes a decrease in collagen production and increases pigmentation. This results in a lack of elasticity and dullness in the skin. Studies show that HEV light may be more dangerous than UV light since it penetrates deeper into your skin.

Face Guard Anti-Pollution Essence protects your skin from HEV light by preventing it from penetrating your skin.

Why you need it:

– Protects skin from HEV light from electronics

– Protects against environmental pollution

– Prevents pre-mature aging

– Deeply hydrates skin

How it works: The Face Guard Anti-Pollution Essence is the first of its kind treatment that bathes skin in refreshing hydration while delivering the highest concentration of anti-pollution ingredients, including a unique macroalgae which helps fight effects of air pollution and a marigold derived, lutein-rich isolate that helps filter exposure from blue light emitting electronic devices. The Face Guard Anti-Pollution Essence forms an instant shield and safeguards skin from the aging of harmful free radicals and environmental pollution.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • No animal testing
  • Net weight 3.5 FL OZ

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