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Makeup Remover Wipes (BEING DISCONTINUED)
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Our Makeup Remover Wipes are perfect for the girl on the go! Keep them by your makeup stand to quickly touch up makeup mistakes and clean brushes. Use it as part of your nighttime skin care routine to thoroughly remove makeup before cleansing. Or drop them in your bag to remove makeup before the gym or refresh throughout the day. Each pack comes with 25 wipes.

Why you need it:

– Quickly & gently removes makeup, especially hard to remove waterproof products

– Easy to use disposable sheets

– Gentle enough to use around the eyes 

How it works: Unfortunately soap and water alone won't remove all the makeup from your face, especially waterproof and long-lasting makeup. Product can set deep inside your pores making them get clogged, leading to acne and dull skin. The Makeup Remover Wipes quickly dissolve makeup, even hard to clean waterproof products. Very gentle formula is great for removing waterproof liners and mascara from the delicate eye area. The wipes are soft and won't irritate sensitive skin. The resealable pack comes with 25 wipes. Keep well sealed to prevent drying.

Who is it for: For all skin types

Directions for use: One sheet of our Makeup Remover Wipes should be enough to remove a full face of makeup. Use gentle, circular motions. For best results follow with a cleanser and moisturizer.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free 
  • No animal testing