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Screen Ready Age Defense Kit
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A zoom business meeting or a facetime call with the family can be more dangerous for your skin than you might think. Electronic screens emit blue light which, like the sun, can cause skin damage and pre-mature aging. Be screen ready with this power duo and shield your skin from damage. Think of it as indoor sunscreen, your skin will thank you in a few years.

  • protects skin against blue light from electronic devices & environmental pollution

  • visibly brightens skin & improves skin texture

  • deeply hydrates skin for a softer complexion

  • prevents premature aging and hyperpigmentation

  • fights free radicals with antioxidants


Directions for use: 

Step 1: Face Guard Anti Pollution Essence
After cleansing and toning apply an even layer of Face Guard to protect your skin against harmful blue light and pollutants and to give you a final much-needed moisture boost

Step 2: Vitamin C Serum 15%
Apply an even layer all over your face and neck to fight free radicals and stimulate your skin's production of collagen

This set comes with:

FACE GUARD ANTI POLLUTION ESSENCE - 3.5 OZ  see full description here

VITAMIN C SERUM 15% - 1 OZ  see full description here

made with: only the highest quality hypoallergenic ingredients and love.
made without: cruelty, animal testing, sulfates, paraben, gluten, or soy phthalates.