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We Can't Wait To See You!

These are unprecedented times. What I write in this e-mail may be obsolete a week from now.  I can only deal with what we know now.  I just want to make sure your visit is as special as always even with restrictions.  That is why I have laid out how I envision us spending time together this summer.


Hours: We will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12:00 – 5:00.


Weather permitting I will be set up outside the hotel.  This is to create a more natural relaxed environment where we can enjoy each other more easily in a social distanced space. 


What I want to do for you:

  1. We are attaching a form for you to set up your own complimentary appointment ahead of time to discuss your specific skincare and makeup needs as well as learn about updated ways to customize your skincare routines with multitasking products that get results in a more cost effective way. 

  2. Free skincare and makeup samples prepared in a sanitary environment to ensure ultimate safety.  (explained in more detail on video) 

  3. 20% off your entire order during your stay.

If you just need to replenish, you can call or text me your order at 914 388 3127.  I will then reach you back and let you know when you can pick it up or I can leave it at the front desk or drop it off at your room.

To find my outside location, call me at 914 388 3127.  Also, hotel itinerary as well as my store door will have my location listed.

If weather is inclement, I will be in the shop.  One person at a time will be permitted.  Masks or face shields will be required for both you and me.  We will both purell upon your arrival into the shop. 

I am sure we will have many stories to share.  I truly look forward to seeing and spending time with you.