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This Is Why You NEED To Detox! 0

The word “Detox” has been everywhere recently. We usually associate it with trendy diets or specialty drinks that will make you magically drop 20 pounds in 20 days. While taking good care of your body is always important don’t forget to take care of your body’s largest organ, the skin. That’s right, its just as important to detox the outside as well as the inside. You might be thinking “why do I even need to detox my skin?” and “how can I detox at home?” Well sit back and let us explain, it’s easier than you think.

Why you should detox:

To sum it up, oil, dirt, makeup, pollutants and other gross things clog our pores making our skin look dull and aged. Detoxing will remove any buildup in our pores and protect our skin from further damage. Simple, right? Well, not really, there’s actually a bit more to it that most people don’t know about.

You see, we used to think that the most harmful thing for our skin was sun exposure. Turns out we were wrong. Recent studies that shown that pollution is one of the top causes of skin damage. Specifically things like diesel exhaust and soot tend to get stuck in your pores causing wrinkles and changes in skin pigmentation. On top of that there is the threat of ozone gasses that decrease the amount of antioxidants in skin. Plus all of these pollutants affect the skin even more on a hot day or if your skin tends to be dry.

You might be thinking “no problem! I spend most days indoors anyways!” well guess what? There are plenty of things indoors that damage your skin too like computers, TV’s and tablets just to name a few. High Energy Visible light (aka HEV or blue light) penetrates the skin deeper than harmful UV rays and causes the same aging effects as the sun. Primarily it cases a decrease in collagen production and increases pigmentation.


How to detox:

By now you’re probably a little freaked out by all the things you didn’t know were damaging your skin. But fear not, we’re about to tell you how to fully detox your skin at home by removing harmful pollutants from your skin and protecting your skin from future damage.

Step 1: Deep clean your pores

You might have noticed that alongside the term “Detox” you’ve also been hearing a lot about charcoal. That’s no coincidence since charcoal, along with clay, are the top ingredients used to suck all the dirt, oil and pollution right out of your pores.

Introducing our White Charcoal Detox Masque. Rich in minerals and antioxidants the White Charcoal Detox Masque is a bubbling clay based mask which deep cleans your pores by infusing oxygen deep into your pores and pushes unwanted materials out of your skin. You will see an instant difference in your skins brightness!

Step 2: Shield your skin

After you remove any harmful particles from your skin you want to make sure nothing else gets in. That’s where Face Guard Anti-pollution Essence comes in. It’s a cutting edge, first of its kind product that creates a shield over your skin, which prevents blue light and pollutants from getting in.

This product is extremely important since cell phones are such a prevalent part of our lives. Especially if you put in a lot of screen time during of after work Face Guard is an absolute must.


In Conclusion 

A good detox routine should be an essential part of anyone’s skin care plan, for men and women. Our two products, the White Charcoal Detox Masque and Face Guard Anti-pollution Essence, work hand in hand to protect your skin and have it looking healthier than ever.

Buy these essential detox products separately or purchase them as a set at a discounted price here


If you want to know more about either product and it’s benefits, watch the videos below

  • Anastasia Paoletti

How to choose the perfect foundation for your skin 0

Perfect skin has always been a beauty standard but for those of us not blessed with a naturally flawless canvas, we turn to makeup for help. There are hundreds of foundations on the market today, we alone carry six different types. In this blog, we’re going to help you choose the perfect one for your skin type and color.

Step 1: Choosing the right amount of coverage

Let's start off easy with choosing a foundation based on coverage.

Light coverage – This is perfect if you prefer a natural look. Light coverage foundations such as our Luminous Mineral Sheer Tint or BB Cream will reduce the appearance of pores and help even out skin tone. These tend to feel the lightest weight, making them perfect for everyday use. The downside, of course, is if you have any blemishes, severe redness or freckles a light coverage foundation might not be enough.

Medium coverage – If you want more coverage to hide redness, sun damage and age spots, our most popular options are, our Mineral Powder which has buildable coverage, leaving a soft, matte finish or our Luminous Radiance Foundation which leaves skin with a dewy radiance. Both these foundations will quickly blend into your skin to even out skin tone and hide most imperfections.

Full coverage – A full coverage foundation will give you the ultimate flawless finish.  Our Liquid Mineral Powder and Foundation Stick contain the most pigmentation to give you ultimate coverage. Perfect for anyone suffering from acne scars, rosacea or any serious skin discoloration. Foundation sticks are great for layering from sheer to full coverage because you can just dab them where you need to or apply them as an overall foundation. The liquid mineral powder is oil free and I like to refer to it as an instant eraser. Skin looks flawless and yet you have no idea you are wearing foundation.

Step 2: Choosing the right foundation for your skin type

It’s very important to choose a foundation that will work with your skin type. Choosing the wrong foundation for your skin can do more harm than good.

Dry Skin – One of the worst feelings in the world is applying that brand new, expensive foundation only to realize in horror that it doesn’t hide but highlights your dry patches and flaking skin. When it comes to dry skin it’s best to steer clear of full coverage foundations and dry foundations such as the foundation stick. Choose a hydrating foundation such as a BB Cream or Luminous Mineral Sheer Tint. If you need more coverage try our luminous Radiance foundation. Your best bet would be to start with a primer such as our Flawless Finish Primer which ensures a beautiful, healthy glow and to mist your face throughout the day with our Calming Toner to keep skin moisture levels up.

Oily Skin – You say dewy, I say greasy. Oily skin is an absolute nightmare and nothing is worse than having foundation that leaves you looking shiny. Our Mineral Powder Foundation and Liquid Mineral Powder foundation is the way to go for oily skin. No doubt you’ll have some acne you will want to cover up and these two foundations will give you good coverage with a satisfying matte finish. The Foundation Stick is a great full coverage option if you need to build a little more coverage on problem areas of your face. One thing to be careful of with oily skin is a cakey face. When oil will inevitably appear throughout the day our first instinct is to pack on the powder foundation. If you’re already wearing foundation this can make your makeup look thick and unnatural. Try gently removing the oil from trouble areas with blotting paper.

Combination Skin – The struggle is real for combination skin. How can your nose be oily while the skin on your cheeks is peeling off in chunks? The Luminous mineral Sheer tint and the Liquid Mineral Foundation would be the best bet for you. Stay away from powders and foundation sticks as these may accentuate your dry skin. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser such as our Quadruple Action Cleanser to try and balance out your skin prior to applying foundation. The jojoba beads will remove dead, dry skin and any excess dirt/oil that may be trapped in your oily pores.

Sensitive Skin – Sensitive skin is tricky to deal with. Look for foundations that are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and contain the most organic ingredients. Choosing a fragrance and paraben free foundation is also important. You want to find the product with the least amount of irritants. Our Luminous Mineral Sheer tint or BB Cream would be my first choice, but all our foundations are great for sensitive skin.

Normal Skin – Believe it or not there are some of us who have perfectly normal skin with no issues whatsoever. If this is you then take your pick of foundations while we sit here and watch you with envy.


Step 3: Choosing the right color

Have you ever stood staring at a shelf filled with more versions of nude colors than you ever thought existed? Most of us have had this experience and usually, unless we get a little help, we’re bound to make the wrong choice.

 he most important thing to determine is your undertone. Are you warm, cool or neutral?

Warm – Do you look best in gold jewelry? Did you choose ivory for your wedding dress? Do your veins have a green tint? You probably have a warm undertone.

Cool – Is silver jewelry more your thing? Do you look good in white? Are your veins blue? You most likely have a cool undertone.

Neutral – Can’t decide what suits you best? You probably have a neutral undertone. Send us a selfie and we’ll help you choose.

 est your color:

When testing foundations it’s best to swatch on your lower jawline and neck. This area tends to be more even toned and untouched by the sun.

Applying Foundation:

There are endless amounts of techniques and tools to apply foundation from brushes to sponges and using your hands. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Personally, we like to use a good stipple brush to get the job done. The advantage of a stipple brush is that the thin, white fibres at the ends evenly spread the product onto your skin while the thicker, black fibres buff and blend the products in. A stipple brush will ensure that the right amount of product will be applied to your face and will give you the most natural finish. Often times using just your fingers will apply too much product on your skin and a sponge will absorb most of the product.

Take a look at our video to see how we like to apply foundation.


Things to remember:

– Choose a foundation containing at least SPF 15. Sun damage is one of the biggest factors of premature ageing and skin discoloration. Protect your skin at all times!

– Properly cleansing, moisturizing and priming will have a serious effect on how good your foundation looks as well as how long it lasts.

– Make sure that your foundation blends in perfectly where the face meets the neck. You should not have to bring your foundation down onto the neckline to match.

– Not sure which undertone foundation is right for you? No problem. Send us a selfie and we will help you choose.

What You Need To Know About Bronzer 0

Bronzer is the best way to add a sun-kissed glow to your skin without all the sun damage. We’re going to give you the full rundown on which bronzer is best for you and how to use it.


Choosing a bronzer

An important thing to remember when choosing any makeup product is your skin's undertone. There are two easy tests you can do to determine whether you have a cool, warm or neutral undertone to your skin.

First test: Look at the veins on your wrist, what color are they? If your veins look blue then you have a cool undertone. If your veins look green you have a warmer undertone. If you have a mix of the two or are seeing some purple then you most likely have a neutral undertone.

Second test: Still not sure what you are? Try the jewelry test. Think about what kind of jewelry you look best in. Do you lean more towards gold or silver? If you look better in silver jewelry you most likely have a cooler undertone. If you lean more towards gold jewelry then you’re probably a warm tone. If you think you have a neutral undertone the jewelry test is a good way to find out if you look better in warm or cool toned colors.

Now that you know if you have a cool or warm undertone its time to choose a bronzer! One of our best sellers is the Mineral Gemstone bronzers. They come in two colors, Gracious and Harmony, so you can get the best match for your skin. The gracious bronzer has cooler undertones while the Harmony bronzer is better suited for warm undertones.



Choosing a brush

Now that you’ve picked your bronzer it’s to talk about brushes. The absolute best brush for bronzer application is our Precision Powder Stipple Brush.

The thin, white bristles at the tip of the brush help apply an even amount of product to your skin while the thicker, black bristles buff and blend the product into your skin. This brush is perfect for everyday bronzer application to add a little glow and dimension to your face.



Bronzer Application

You have your bronzer, you have your brush, now what do you do with it? Apply bronzer anywhere you feel like you need a little definition. The most common place to apply bronzer is around your cheekbones. Start just under your cheekbone and blend up towards the ear. From there blend down towards your jawline and up towards your temple. You can also use bronzer to contour around your forehead, jawline, collarbone and nose. To create an even more sculpted face try an illuminating powder to highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, nose and cupids bow.


Watch our video to see exactly how we apply our bronzer.

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Eyeliner is by far the be best product to use for adding instant definition to your eyes. But most people have a hard time using it. Here are five common mistakes to avoid looking like a hot mess.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Oily Skin 0

3 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Oily Skin

What causes oily skin?

 Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands located just under the skins surface. Sebum is important for helping to moisturize and protect your skin. But since sebum is essentially made of fats too much of it can cause clogged pores and acne.

 No one likes greasy skin so, we’ve put together a few ways you can manage it.


Tips on managing oily skin:


  1. Wash your face twice a day – If your skin is prone to acne try finding a very gentle exfoliating cleanser, preferably with salicylic acid, that can be used daily. Removing excess oil and dead skin cells is essential for maintaining a clear and smooth complexion. But don’t go crazy with the washing. Washing your face too often can dry out your skin to the point where your body starts producing more oil to balance out the dryness. 
  2. Remove your makeup – This may seem obvious but you would be surprised to know how many women don’t take of their makeup at night! All that foundation and blush that’s been seeping into your skin all day is clogging your pores. By keeping your makeup on at night you are preventing dead skin, dirt and oil from being removed, which causes those nasty breakouts.
  3. Moisturize – Yes, that’s right, you need to moisturize! A lot of people who suffer from oily skin tend to think that dry is good and that lotions and moisturizers will make your skin oilier. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Moisture is not the same thing as oil. By skipping your moisturizer you are causing your skin into producing more oil to compensate the lack of moisture. Although it is important to find the right moisturizer for your skin. Avoid moisturizers containing cocoa butter, lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum. Instead look for a non-comedogenic (meaning it wont clog pores) moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, aloe and glycerin.
  4. Use blotting paper – You wake up in the morning, cleanse, moisturize and put on your favorite foundation. You feel flawless…until you look in the mirror after lunch and realize your face is as greasy as a burger. Resist the temptation to cake on more powder and use your trusty blotting paper instead! Layering on more makeup will create layers of dirt and oil clogging your pores without actually removing any oil. Blotting paper will gently remove oil without smudging all your makeup. Gross tip: if you’re desperate for blotting paper and don’t have any you can use a piece of a toilet liner. A fresh, clean one! A bit gross but effective.
  5. Choose your makeup wisely – Just like your moisturizer be careful what makeup you choose. Look for oil free, water based foundation and blush as these are the products directly covering the majority of your face. To prevent creasing on oily eyelids avoid using concealer on the lid and apply a primer made specifically for eyelids instead.
  6. Natural remedies – You’re washing your face twice a day, maintaining healthy moisture levels and reading the ingredient labels on your products obsessively but you still need a bit of help? Some natural home remedies might do the trick. Honey has great antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will fight acne and moisturize. Egg whites and lemon are a great option to tighten pores and absorb oil. Mix any of these ingredients together to create a mask and watch your skin transform!


Why you should thank your oily skin:


  1. It protects you – Your skin is your largest and most exposed organ. Research shows that the oil produced by your skin is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E. Antioxidants help protect your skin from free radicals and potentially prevent diseases such as cancer and even Alzheimer’s.
  2. Slows down aging – Oily skin prevents wrinkles due to the natural smoothing and moisturizing effects of the oil. Also oily skin is less likely to become inflamed and inflammation leads to wrinkles.
  3. Protects against the sun – Have you ever noticed that you don’t burn as much in the sun as some of your dry skinned friends? That’s because the excess oil on your skin is actually protecting you against the sun and the suns harmful UV rays. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t wear SPF but its nice to have that extra bit of protection. Thanks oily skin!