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This Is Why You NEED To Detox!

This Is Why You NEED To Detox!

The word “Detox” has been everywhere recently. We usually associate it with trendy diets or specialty drinks that will make you magically drop 20 pounds in 20 days. While taking good care of your body is always important don’t forget to take care of your body’s largest organ, the skin. That’s right, its just as important to detox the outside as well as the inside. You might be thinking “why do I even need to detox my skin?” and “how can I detox at home?” Well sit back and let us explain, it’s easier than you think.

Why you should detox:

To sum it up, oil, dirt, makeup, pollutants and other gross things clog our pores making our skin look dull and aged. Detoxing will remove any buildup in our pores and protect our skin from further damage. Simple, right? Well, not really, there’s actually a bit more to it that most people don’t know about.

You see, we used to think that the most harmful thing for our skin was sun exposure. Turns out we were wrong. Recent studies that shown that pollution is one of the top causes of skin damage. Specifically things like diesel exhaust and soot tend to get stuck in your pores causing wrinkles and changes in skin pigmentation. On top of that there is the threat of ozone gasses that decrease the amount of antioxidants in skin. Plus all of these pollutants affect the skin even more on a hot day or if your skin tends to be dry.

You might be thinking “no problem! I spend most days indoors anyways!” well guess what? There are plenty of things indoors that damage your skin too like computers, TV’s and tablets just to name a few. High Energy Visible light (aka HEV or blue light) penetrates the skin deeper than harmful UV rays and causes the same aging effects as the sun. Primarily it cases a decrease in collagen production and increases pigmentation.


How to detox:

By now you’re probably a little freaked out by all the things you didn’t know were damaging your skin. But fear not, we’re about to tell you how to fully detox your skin at home by removing harmful pollutants from your skin and protecting your skin from future damage.

Step 1: Deep clean your pores

You might have noticed that alongside the term “Detox” you’ve also been hearing a lot about charcoal. That’s no coincidence since charcoal, along with clay, are the top ingredients used to suck all the dirt, oil and pollution right out of your pores.

Introducing our White Charcoal Detox Masque. Rich in minerals and antioxidants the White Charcoal Detox Masque is a bubbling clay based mask which deep cleans your pores by infusing oxygen deep into your pores and pushes unwanted materials out of your skin. You will see an instant difference in your skins brightness!

Step 2: Shield your skin

After you remove any harmful particles from your skin you want to make sure nothing else gets in. That’s where Face Guard Anti-pollution Essence comes in. It’s a cutting edge, first of its kind product that creates a shield over your skin, which prevents blue light and pollutants from getting in.

This product is extremely important since cell phones are such a prevalent part of our lives. Especially if you put in a lot of screen time during of after work Face Guard is an absolute must.


In Conclusion 

A good detox routine should be an essential part of anyone’s skin care plan, for men and women. Our two products, the White Charcoal Detox Masque and Face Guard Anti-pollution Essence, work hand in hand to protect your skin and have it looking healthier than ever.

Buy these essential detox products separately or purchase them as a set at a discounted price here


If you want to know more about either product and it’s benefits, watch the videos below

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