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Hydrating Night Cream
$ 42.00

This concentrated, whipped crème with a unique skin-softening complex, attracts water to the cells and locks it in for optimal hydration all-day. Skin is nourished, glowing and hydrated without any residual oiliness. For normal/dry and severely dry skin. Net Weight 2.25 oz

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  • Re-hydrating moisture-depleted skin without clogging pores or leaving residual oily feeling
  • Gives skin a soft, supple texture
  • Attracts and binds water to cells
  • Shields skin from free radical damage
  • Paraben-free

Smooth evenly over cleansed face and neck, massaging gently with upward strokes. P.M.(I prefer to use Kinetics moisturizer with SPF for Day)

  • Patented Hydra Patch Technology- uses a synergistic combination of natural moisturizing factors and skin protectants to help reduce dehydrating and render skin supple, smooth and more flexible
  • Macadamia nut oil- nourishes and lubricates skin, as it slows the evaporation rate of moisture
  • Squalane- hydrates and softens
  • Aloe barbadensis gel- hydrates and soothes, helping to relieve the discomfort, burning and itching associated with dry skin

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