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6 awesome tips for dry winter skin

6 awesome tips for dry winter skin
To protect your body from the cold you stocked up on pom-pom hats and parkas, but what should you be doing to protect your skin?

  1. Buff up – Exfoliate regularly to get lagging cells out of the way so your skin can soak up all the moisture it needs. Try Kinetics Quadruple Action Cleanser with Jojoba beads, a gentle exfoliator suitable For all skin types.
  2. Pat down –  Don’t rub the water away after your shower, instead, lightly pat so you leave a little extra moisture on the skin. Then lock the moisture in with Lotion right away. Try Kinetics All day wear body lotion to keep your body feeling soft all day long.
  3. Create Mist opportunitiesUsing Kinetics Calming Toner, lightly mist before applying moisturizer to get maximum benefit, and keep it handy throughout the day for a refreshing spritz.
  4. Get a humidifier
  5. Don’t use water that is to hot on your face and body
  6. Layer – Life is heavy, but your moisturizer doesn't have to be. Thicker isn’t better, in fact it's a recipe for pimples. It is not the weight of the product that makes the difference, but rather the ingredients. Try layering...
a. For very dry and normal skin – Start with a serum! Serums consist of small molecules that the top layer of skin can absorb. Try the Kinetics Ultra Hyaluronic serum ( it holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water). Follow that with the Kinetics hydrating night creamIf you still need more, seal it all in with Flawless finish (our best selling oil) for a glowing boost. 

b. Oily Skin –  If you are prone to break outs consider using Kinetics Oil Free Essential Serum for great oil-free hydration. 

c. Combination/oily Skin – Try our new Citrus Stem cell Anti-aging Complex if you want the added benefits of anti aging ingredients. This cutting edge formula is truly revolutionary with great results

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  • Sue Slutsky
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